Aikido Summit

Aikido Summit 2023 is getting ready to go!

Early registration is closed, but nobody will be turned away at the door!

Last October marked the 20th Aikido Summit, and the enthusiasm is still strong!  This year we plan to have some of Colorado’s favorite teachers back, as well as some new faces.

Toby Threadgill, Menkyo Kaiden, Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu
Kei Izawa, 7th dan, Aikikai Tanshinjuku
Ron Abo, 6th dan, Denver Buddhist Temple Aikido*
Kamenna Lee, 6th dan, Aikido Shobukan Dojo
Edgar Johansson, 5th dan, Denver Aikikai
Abel Villacorta, 5th dan, Boulder Ki Aikido

And More!

* Unfortunately, due to health concerns Seiji Tanaka will not be able to attend this year.

Click here to download the flyer!

Location: Denver Buddhist Temple, 1947 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80202

Please wear footwear between the locker rooms and mat so that we can keep the mats clean for everyone.

Parking: The temple has a parking garage on Larimar Street, one block northwest of the main entrance.  The gate will automatically scan your license plate to let you in.  Please park on the second and third floors (the first floor is reserved parking).  You will scan a QR code to go to a parking website, or use one of the parking kiosks in the building.  After entering your phone number and license plate number, the website/kiosk will give you the option to scan another QR code for validation.  It is easier than it sounds, and volunteers will be able to help you.

Note that the front gate will be locked during the event so all access to the venue will be through the garage entrance on Larimar.

Date: Saturday October 7th, 2023
Time: 8:30am-4:30pm, party to follow at Edgar Johansson’s house
*registration begins at 8am


$90 pre-registration – closes 10/5 at noon, $100 at the door. Early registration is closed, but nobody will be turned away at the door.

Pre-register by September 17th to ensure a T-Shirt and lunch!  Please note that while we take dietary requests on the registration, our ability to meet dietary needs may very based on the caterer.

Additional training on 10/6

There will be an additional training at Denver Aikido (1592 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210) the night before the event from 6-8pm.  We will invite other instructors of significant rank to teach for 20-30 minutes so that we can share in the flavor and ideas of a few other teachers.  This is totally optional; no arms will be twisted.  We may go to dinner nearby afterwards.  Donation of $20 recommended, but not required.

Potluck party details

After the main event there will be a potluck party at Edgar Johansson’s house to socialize and eat good food.  Please bring your favorite dish to share if you are local.  Burgers and bratwurst will be provided.  Alcoholic beverages are permitted but not provided.

Tentative schedule for 10/7:

8am-8:30am: Registration
8:30am-8:40am: Guided warm-ups
8:40am-9:40am: Ron Abo
9:40-9:50am: BREAK
9:50am-10:50am: Kei Izawa
10:50am-11:00am: BREAK
11:00am-12:10pm: Abel Villacorta
12:10pm-1:10pm: LUNCH – provided to early registrants
1:10pm-2:10pm: Toby Threadgill
2:10pm-2:20pm: BREAK
2:20pm-3:20pm: Edgar Johansson
3:20pm-3:30pm: BREAK
3:30pm-4:30pm: Kamenna Lee

6pm: Potluck dinner

Instructors from Past Event
Instructors at the Aikido Summit