Denver Aikido Summit 20th Anniversary – TBD Spring 2022

Due to rising concerns about the Delta variant in our community, we are sadly postponing the 20th Anniversary seminar once again. We are hoping the world will be in a place where we can host this event in late March or early April of 2022. Stay tuned!

Final instructor lineup is still being determined, but will include some or all of the following (the original list from 2020):

  • Laurie Nusbaum Sensei – Boulder Aikikai
  • Tres Hofmeister Sensei – Boulder Aikikai
  • Cyndy Hayashi Sensei – Aikido West
  • Susan Chandler Sensei – Denver Ki Aikido
  • Abel Villacorta Sensei – Boulder Ki Aikido
  • Russ Smith Sensei – Rocky Mountain Ki Society
  • Kei Izawa Sensei – Aikikai Tanshinjuku
  • Ron Abo Sensei – DBT Aikido
  • Mike Jones Sensei – Roaring Fork Aikikai
  • Edgar Johansson Sensei – Denver Aikikai
  • Kimberly Richardson Sensei – Two Cranes Aikido
  • Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei – Boulder Aikikai


Deposits received for the original dates in March 2020 will be honored.
More details on cost and registration coming soon.


The Denver Buddhist Temple is located at 1947 Lawrence (corner of 20th & Lawrence). Please bring your weapons.

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